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Indiacasino (Chinese: 印度娛樂城), abbreviated as incasino and india online casino, is collectively called Indiacasino Group with major integrated entertainment companies. It is a company that provides a variety of comprehensive and professional games and news and information, with neutrality and impartiality as the highest purpose.


1. Scope of Privacy Policy Statement

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After a user posts a message on this website, we will collect the data displayed in the message form, the user’s source IP address and the user agent string of the browser to help the website detect spam.

This website will create an anonymized string (also known as a hash value) based on the user’s email address and provide it to the Gravatar profile picture service to check whether the user is a user of this service. To learn about the privacy policy of the Gravatar profile picture service, please visit After the webmaster approves the message posted by the user, the user’s profile picture will be publicly displayed in the message content.



When users post a message on this website, they can choose whether to store the user’s name, email address, and website URL in the cookie; these data are stored for the user’s convenience, so that the user does not need to fill in the personal information again when posting other messages data. If the user does not clear the device cookies by himself, these cookies will remain on the personal device for one year.

If a user visits the login page of this website, the system will set a temporary cookie to determine whether the user’s browser accepts cookies; this cookie does not contain any personal data and will be discarded when the user closes the browser.

After the user logs into the website, the system will set several cookies to store the user’s login information and display item settings; the login information cookie will be retained for two days, and the display item setting cookie will be retained for one year. If the “Keep logged in” setting is checked when logging in, the user’s login status will be maintained for two weeks; after the account is logged out, the login information cookie on the user’s device will be removed.

When users edit or publish articles, other cookies are stored in their browsers. This cookie does not contain any personal information. It only records the article ID representing the article written by the user, and will expire in one day.


2. Ways of obtaining personal data

Online activities and questionnaire surveys: When you participate in questionnaire surveys or online applications on this website, you may be asked to provide all or part of your personal information such as your name, ID number, phone number, photo, e-mail address, and address.

General browsing: This website will keep related records (LOG) generated by the server itself when netizens browse or query the Internet, including the IP address of the connected device, the time of use, the browser used, the browsing and clicking data records, etc.

Others: In addition to actively logging in and providing personal information on the website, you may actively provide personal information such as email, name, etc. in the discussion area of ​​this website. This form of information provision is not within the scope of the privacy protection policy of this website.


3. Use of Personal Information

The personal data obtained by Indiacasino is only for Indiacasino’s internal use, in accordance with the originally stated purpose and scope of use. Unless otherwise stated, or with the consent of netizens, or in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, Indiacasino will not provide users’ personal data to the third party. Three people, or use it for other purposes.

Indiacasino may record the user’s Internet IP address, surfing time and web pages browsed on the website. These data are used by Indiacasino’s website management unit to analyze the total amount of website traffic and online behavior surveys to facilitate the improvement of the website. Service quality, and only analyze the sum of user behavior. At the same time, the website will mark the browsers of individual users when necessary, and summarize the pages browsed by the user’s browser within this website.

If you provide any erroneous or false information, Indiacasino reserves the right to refuse to provide you with the account to log in or use all or part of the services of the website unless otherwise stated that it is not suitable (not necessarily required) to use the real information. Indiacasino also has the right to deal with the rights of users who violate the rules of use to protect the rights of other users.


4. Data Security

Based on the needs of investigating cybercrime or public safety, this website will consider the legal procedures of the judicial authorities and consider the protection of the privacy of the personal data of the users of this website, and make necessary cooperation. However, this website will never arbitrarily sell, rent, or exchange personal information to other groups or individuals.

In order to facilitate users, Indiacasino will use cookie technology to provide services that are more suitable for users’ personal needs; cookie is a technology used by the website server to communicate with the user’s browser, and it may store certain information on the user’s computer. Some information, but the user can cancel or restrict this function through the browser settings.


5. Protection of children and youth

In order to ensure the safety of children and young people using the Internet, and avoid privacy violations or exposure to inappropriate information, parents (or guardians) should fulfill the following obligations: carefully select appropriate content for children and young people to browse. Children under the age of twelve should accompany the Internet throughout the entire journey. Teenagers over the age of twelve and under the age of eighteen should also consider their consent before going online.



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